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We help new side hustlers make money online.

Are you stuck in the endless “Employee Mindset” cycle, living paycheck to paycheck? Are you sick of getting bullied by your employer to work endless hours? Are you sick of missing precious family time?

We want you to have an amazing life! Financial freedom is in your future when we help you start a successful side hustle.


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Our mission is to help you build a successful side hustle by sharing our business sense and resources.

We want to help you build a new income stream so you can get out of the endless paycheck to paycheck cycle and achieve financial freedom.

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Get to know Kim & Fred

Hi, and welcome to us – Kim & Fred Dole, and don’t forget Annie.  We are The Biz Wizards!  Fred here to walk you through our Bio.  Kim and I have been married for 27 years.  Annie, our rescue puppy, is the center of our universe.

Kim and I are so lucky that our careers are our passions – Kim in Accounting, and me in Hospitality.  

Kim grew up with Entrepreneurial parents, so she has a deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit.  Kim has operated her own Accounting business for the last 15 years and revels in being her own boss.  Kim is an Enrolled Agent, a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and is a Wiz with all things bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and accounting. 

While I (Fred) have 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry.  I was the Poster Child for the Employee Mindset!  I grew up with parents who drilled the Employee Mindset into me from about age 1!  But, I recently had my eyes opened to the rigged Employee Mindset thanks to the pandemic.

The Covid crisis hit and decimated the hospitality industry.  Due to a furlough, my hours & pay were cut more than 50%!  Life is too short; I have adopted the Entrepreneur Mindset and we’ve started our side hustle!  I am excited to help you with your side hustle journey as well. 

If you would like to get in touch with us for questions on our content or give us suggestions for future posts you can contact us by email at info@thebizwizards.com or by phone at (603) 506-4032.


Side Hustling Help for your Financial Freedom

We are Fred and Kim Dole, and we are the Biz Wizards, and we are here for you. I (Fred) was in the employee mindset for 30 years. I worked way too many hours, enriching my boss and my employer while I struggled to pay my bills.

When I finally got sick of being bullied and beat down by my employer, I saw the light and we created our site, The Biz Wizards. We will help you break the chains of the “Employee Mindset” and help you take back control of your life by starting a successful side hustle.

Our site will provide you with tips, tools and strategies to guide you as you build your side hustle and create your amazing life. Most importantly, we’ll help you build passive income that you will earn even while you sleep!

Make the life-changing decision to start your side hustle and get on the path to financial freedom. The decision is yours, so when you are ready to break the chains of the employee mindset, we are here for you and your side hustle success!