2022 Entre Institute Review By an Actual Student

Entre Institute

2022 Entre Institute Review By an Actual Student


Entre Institute Review

Many of our readers have heard Fred’s story of his journey to becoming an Entrepreneur. My story is a little different. I grew up in a household that had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I have had always been an entrepreneur at heart.

With that being said, I have had many failures (for which I am thankful, because, without failures, we cannot get back up, dust ourselves off, and eventually achieve what we are destined to achieve) before finally finding my way. 

In my journey, I started out working in Corporate America while working my side hustle, in the hopes of one day being able to become a full-time Entrepreneur. I had to survive a lot of bad bosses along the way before finally deciding to take the leap into entrepreneurship full-time, and I have never looked back.

At the end of the day, I believe that everyone who is fed up with their current situation can achieve the time and financial freedom they have been seeking through entrepreneurship. 

Whether you already have your own business, or you are just beginning your journey, Entre Institute is a valuable resource that can help you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals through their training courses. 

Entre is THE ONLY online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed in the modern, online world.

The Review

First, let me be clear…

I am not associated with Entre Institute, but I have been through the training.  So, this review comes from someone who has actual experience with Entre.

Most of the reviews I see these days are from people affiliated with other companies who claim to do unbiased reviews, but honestly, they call everything a scam…

Instead of HELPING people in their own business, they do the bait and switch to say, “Hey, check out my business opportunity because it’s better than this one.”

The truth of the matter is, there is NO SUCH THING as the perfect business opportunity. If there were, everyone would be doing the same thing, right?

There are Pros and Cons to every opportunity. The trick is in finding the one that is right for you. Yes, there are a lot of scams out there.  However, there are a lot of legitimate business opportunities out there as well.

Entre Institute Review (Company)

Entre institute review

In a nutshell, Entre Institute helps people build digital real estate assets.  They help you set up your business for long-term success.

A quick example of that is this blog you are reading…

Other assets are Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram, etc.

The key is to monetize all of these assets.

Because they use search traffic, once you post a blog post or video for a topic (ex: Make money online) and you get it to rank on the first page of Google or YouTube, that ONE post or video will pay you for years to come.

Now, imagine you monetize this the right way where you make affiliate sales?

Entre also teaches paid traffic methods to build your business faster…

It doesn’t matter whether your business is one of the 3 business models taught in Entre or not, Entre can teach you the right way to market your business online.

Next, let’s find out who Jeff Lerner (the CEO/founder of Entre Institute) really is…

Jeff Lerner Review – Who is he?

Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner is the brainchild and CEO of Entre Institute.

He has built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses in the past that range from online marketing to agencies that help other businesses grow.

Jeff Lerner does come from humble beginnings, like most entrepreneurs who are self-made.

He had struggled as a musician for years and started a restaurant, which went bust.

In fact, he was in $400,000 of debt and was at the lowest point in his life.

Everything changed in 2008 when he decided to build his own digital business online and after nine months of struggling he had his first breakthrough.

Since 2008, he has made well over $50 million dollars in sales.

That’s not bad for someone who started off with less than zero.

I also want you to keep another thing in mind…

Whatever negative reviews you see about Jeff Lerner are from people who have something else to promote.

They bash ANYONE or ANY company that gets in their way…

This is what I can say…

Jeff is the real deal.

I know he actually cares and wants to help people achieve their dreams.

He does want people to become the best version of themselves, and so does everyone else involved in Entre.

When I look in Entre’s Facebook groups, it is a community that is truly helping each other. The members are always willing to lend a helping hand, even if you just have a question in this new journey to Entrepreneurship. 

Want to find out more about Entre Institute?  Click the Banner below to get a FREE eBook and Introductory video:


Entre Institute (Entre Blueprint)

entre blueprint

Price:  $39 One-Time

This is the course that will get you started on your Entrepreneurial journey and is a 6 step video training that focuses on improving your life at the personal, professional, and physical levels.

To become the best version of yourself, you must focus on all three.

This isn’t an MLM or business opportunity, but a true education platform.


What do you get for your $39?  (Almost $700 in FREE bonuses)

Entre Institute BluePrint

Everything you need to Create the Awesome Life You Deserve!

Jeff Lerner will walk you through the 3 P’s of living an awesome life and you will learn how to build the four pillars to success.

This will help you live a financially free and stress-free life.

The 3 P’s of an awesome life are:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Physical


Lesson 1: “The ‘3 Ps’ Of Excellence”

Lesson 2: “The ‘3 Legs’ Of Successful Action”

Lesson 3: “The ‘3 Phases’ Of Building A Legacy”

Lesson 4: How To Build The ULTIMATE Lifestyle Business

Lesson 5: How To Build The ULTIMATE Cash Flow Business

Lesson 6: How To Build The ULTIMATE Legacy Business


What Sets Entre Apart?

Entre is different from all of the other “Courses” out there for one simple reason…

Other training courses focus on only one business model.

Entre teaches 3 different business models, all the while showing how to build a successful online business, even if your business isn’t one of the three business models. 

Kind of genius, isn’t it?

Entre Institute Conclusion

So, is Entre Institute a scam?


I would NEVER partner with an unethical company.

At the end of the day, Jeff Lerner has made an amazing community and educational platform that will help people achieve their dreams.

Yes, this is TRULY long-term.

Now, you probably have seen some reviews from people who say “Some of the courses cost too much and they are crap.”

How do they know they are crap when they have NEVER gone through them?

Think about this for a moment…

The top earners in those kinds of companies make LOW 6 figures…

How can they say anything about people who are making 7 to 8 figures in their online business?

That is a HUGE gap…

Plus, people like that lose all credibility if they actually haven’t gone through the other courses and created an informative review.

Don’t be a victim to affiliates from those other companies. Most of them don’t know what they are doing, because they have never had the opportunity to receive training like that provided by Entre.

You need to learn from people who are in the trenches and have been doing it successfully for many many years.

I really hope you enjoyed this Entre Institute review and

NOW you know the truth about Jeff Lerner.

He is an amazing human being and mentor.


Still not convinced? See what others have to say…

“I’m beginning to believe that this is highly possible to achieve! I’m excited, delighted and I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity… Thank you for all the tips and tricks associated with getting this business off the ground, but most of all thank you for the brilliant example you show to us of ‘doing good for others’ on the human front, it really makes a big difference.”

“I am thrilled that I have now found a community that has the same interests as me. I enjoy talking about money, how it works, as well as my business and how to grow it. I have made a little money and I have lost it, but my intention is to build wealth and teach others to build wealth, too. Loving the ENTRE Blueprint!”

“There is so much content in each lesson – ideas that make you think – it opens up a world of new possibilities – very inspiring!”

“I have had some difficult years trying to figure out how to get to the level of success I’ve been looking for and now after listening to your training videos the last 2 days it has led me to believe I just may have stumbled across what I been searching for all this time”

“Wow, I am so excited after watching these videos. I never thought my dreams can come true so quickly. I am sure I will be successful sooner then I planned. I can not wait to apply for this program along with my own lessons in dance.”
“I am beyond grateful for Jeff, the advisors, and this program. I still have a ton of work to do on myself but am already feeling far more confident than I ever have. Thank You”

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Our mission at The Biz Wizards is to help people – not to go down the path others are telling them they should go down, but to find the path in life they are truly meant to take. 

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